Random thoughts and findings

Week 1:

  • The birds in Wollongong sound like screaming dinosaurs.
  • Vegemite is a two biter type of food (aka it’s something you need to get used to).
  • People say “no worries” instead of “your welcome”.
  • Everyone drives like crazy maniacs.
  • There are no free ways.
  • You must duck under waves in the ocean rather than trying to jump over them.
  • Clothes are SO expensive here.
  • Fries are called chips.
  • Q-tips are called earbuds.
  • X-finity does not work overseas.
  • There are less people who live in Australia than in the state of California.
  • There is a one dollar and two dollar coin that are frequently used.

Week 2-4:

  • Almost every food is served with beetroot.
  • The average amount of money spent on a night out is about $100. (drinks are so expensive)
  • Most people don’t have laundry machines. Clothes lines are used instead.
  • Tap to pay is used instead of the chip. This consists of tapping the card on the reader and its automatically scanned instantly.
  • Coffee shops are typically mom and pop shops. Not chains.