BCM112 Week 4

Transformation, Fascination andgb2gJug - Imgur.gif

Material transformations can happen in many ways, especially in manual and digital forms. Most of the time, someone releases content of some sort and someone else throws a personal creative spin on that content.

This is the type of creation that ends up going viral or becoming well-known.

The first example I can think of is Mike Posner’s song “I Took a Pill in Ibiza”. For full disclosure, I absolutely love this song and played it on repeat for about 3 months, but thats besides the point.

The song was originally released by Mike Posner but then got remixed by a duo named SeeB. The song took off after the remix was made and many people only know that version before realizing there is an original.

This process has become a pattern in pop culture where content is created but the remixed versions gain popularity. This happens with songs, movies, stories, art, and basically anything you can think of.