BCM112 Week 3

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A classic example of how the medium is the message.

Vine was a popular social media app that allowed users to post and edit short clips. Vines immediate popularity was short lived, as the app was discontinued in January of this year. Isn’t it interesting how an app that was once a daily entertainment became deserted in just a few short years? I think so.

In my opinion vine had problems with it’s own medium and therefore could not deliver a message to it’s target audience. The target audience is presumably young millennials. Classic characteristics of millennials are fast paced, simple, constantly changing and entertaining. Vine hit all of these points except one. Constantly changing. Vine simply could not keep up. With it’s audience waiting for the next update or effect, Vine fell behind. The app couldn’t evolve with it’s target audience and therefore lost total control.

This medium once achieved the message of being hip like a millennial but slowly showed it’s true colors that came across more like a baby bloomer. Slow, static, sadly irrelevant.