BCM112 Week 11

Are we REALLY who we say we are?


The details of an online persona

I know I am not the only one who acts a certain way on social media. We ALL do it. We use social media as a mask. This sounds so negative and self-deprecating but in reality, this can be a good thing.

Although this generation is full of narcissistic behaviors and I can admit I do engage in some of these behaviors, I have never really put much thought into my online persona. In my Uni lecture this week I learned about how people create online personas and use them to their advantage. Now I’m starting to think, how should I be using my online persona? What is my online persona?

These social media masks are a way of presenting what we want to our audience. We choose what we want people to see and know. We create our own persona everyday.

There are 5 dimensions of persona:

  1. Public ( we are always in public and presenting to an audience)-We have the power to put our knowledge and ideas towards anything we want. However this can have drawbacks like public shaming (hyperlink this)
  2. Performative (our persona is always updated and always being reinvented) -Sometimes we are a college graduate, sometimes were a friend, advocate and  audience.
  3. Mediatization – Our metadata combines our online history and creates our overall online persona
  4. Collective- Our persona also consists of our audience or “micro-public” (hyperlink this)
  5. Value – We must have some sort of  importance or value to the public

This role of persona doesn’t always need to be looked at as a bad thing. Online persona has lead to the rise of micro-celebrities. For example, Michelle Phan is a YouTube makeup tutorialist who created an online persona to become a k-pop star.

By having a persona we have AGENCY aka we have POWER over how others view us.

If you are looking to create or change your own online persona, check out this article I have linked below:



ALSO. Here is a little beat to go with my blog, I made it so please enjoy!



One thought on “BCM112 Week 11

  1. Hey Zoe,

    I absolutely love love love this blog post!
    It’s definitely one of the more relevant topics that we have learnt about in terms of our day to day life and with what we see on social media.

    It’s hard to ascertain what is real and fake these days as everyone tends to just show their highlight reels on social media so I think it’s great that we are leaning about this in BCM112.

    I love your example of Michelle Phan as she was spoken about in the lecture and it was great of you to elaborate on her in your blog! I always love how you have spoken about the 5 different dimensions of ‘persona’ this was great as it put it all into perspective.
    I think you could have possibly elaborated more on your points about the different dimensions in order to make it clearer to your audience by defining your terms more.

    Thanks for the great blog post, I can’t wait to see more! 🙂

    – Georgia x


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