BCM112 Week 8

Trading Intellectual Property in Cyber Space


Is this even real life?

Yes it is, and trading intellectual property in cyber space is an actual concern for many businesses.

This all sounds like a lot of make believe and sci-fi fantasy talk but intellectual property (creative intangible property) is often being traded in cyber space (online).

After watching a video given to my media class, I learned a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of file sharing and collective intelligence. With the opportunity to file share and collectively create something, we can create more extreme and unique pieces but less credit will be received by the original creator.

File sharing and collective intelligence change the notion of authorship. Now that the internet has given us access to almost everything, we are capable of remixing and remaking property without permission from the owners. In most cases property will be copyrighted and then it’s very clear what can and can’t be used. However, more and more property is becoming protected under Creative Commons. This provides users the ability to remake property and the owners may not even know about it.

Overall, it’s important for all internet users to be aware of these regulations to stay up to date with what’s around us.


If all of this flew over your head, this article puts it very simply!


6 thoughts on “BCM112 Week 8

  1. Hiya Zoe! I think you did a great job at using the hyperlinks within phrases. You’re memes are also very relevant and gave me a giggle :)) As for the content of your blog, you made a good point about how we can create content with less credit given to the original creator. You could add in some examples of cases where this has happened in the past or present, this will supplement and strengthen your argument further. Here is an example that you could use for this: http://themusic.com.au/news/all/2017/03/22/no-scrubs-scribes-given-writing-credit-on-ed-sheerans-shape-of-you/ Hope it helps!

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  2. Hey Zoe, this is a very informative and well written blog, not only did it inform us on the trading intellectual property in cyber space but it also allowed the audience to understand in depth issues that could happen to them due to being online. I love the use of memes to further express the information you’re trying to put across. Just for future references maybe you could use a gif, Soundcloud or youtube video to further emphasis your topic rather than two memes, it might also draw further attention to your blog! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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