BCM112 Week 7

Collective Intelligence

This weeks post is a bit contradictory to my last few posts because i’m talking about the greatest creation of this generation: COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCEWVhhHFe-1.png

‘What is collective intelligence?’ you may be asking yourself. Well… You’re looking at it! It’s the idea people coming together and remixing content whether that be music, research, pictures, videos and anything else you can imagine.
I previously wrote about one of these remixes that was the result of collective intelligence, but there is so much for to it!

Collective intelligence brings everyone’s ideas together to make something great (most of the time). We can thank the internet for this term. The internet provides us with the tool to communicate and collaborate with others who we may not have otherwise collaborated with.

Here are some amazing results of collective intelligence.

These are a few of the less obvious examples of collective intelligence. But, most of today’s society is a result of this idea. Facebook. Google. Wikipedia (Basically everything guys).

All of these resources are possible because people have come together to share knowledge.

I wanted to dedicate a post looking at the positive side of the internet because many of my past posts have been talking about the negatives. The internet is great and I wanted to show appreciation for all the things made possible by this tool. Although there is a lot of information and we may not always get correct information, it’s important to stay thankful for all of the new resources and knowledge right at our fingertips!


3 thoughts on “BCM112 Week 7

  1. Hi Zoe,
    I just wanted to say I found this blog on Collective intelligence really refreshing. As a global community, we are always adapting, reusing and creating new ideas through our platforms. The internet has so much power due to this. I think you could almost say that we are the internet and the internet is metaphorically us. We share, critique, deconstruct and remix everything, therefore, the internet is a collective representation of our global essence. I am always nervous about the power of all this information we project but reading this blog, allowed me to take a step back, to appreciate what we have created and how it had benefited everyone in so many ways. You could place a few more hyperlinks into the blog, perhaps to articles, other blogs, youtube clips, to add more depth if you wanted. But all in all, I think you have done a great job. Looking forward to reading more from you.
    – Skye

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  2. Hi Zoe,

    I love your style of writing, it’s engaging and cohesive.
    Your examples of collective intelligence are really good and show that you understand the subject and content studied really well. Your use of hyperlinks is good as you have used enough to support your main arguments but you haven’t gone overboard with them.

    I think it would have been good for you to have elaborated on remix culture in particular and given more of an extensive overview on that in order to help your main argument and points about collective intelligence. Overall, a really good blog post that was enjoyable to read and very informative.

    🙂 -Georgia x


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