BCM112 Week 6

Generation: MEME

If you have internet access, a cell phone, or have left the house recently you probably know what a meme is. Meme’s are everywhere and the meme warfare has officially begun. Something that once started so silly, became a bit scary.

Memes started as a way to make fun of pop culture and just as a means of entertainment.       But, as memes became more popular, their use has diversified. Memes became so popular that the U.S presidential election was filled with them for propaganda.

Aside from the U.S election, memes have been put to use in wars. Is this even real life? ISIS used memes to captivate audiences and spread their message. This idea of using memes for war is not far fetched anymore. This is REAL and this is HAPPENING. 


Although we love memes, we need to be aware of how they are being used and what they are being used for. It’s important to make sure accurate information is being communicated, and before we simply share and connect through memes we must understand what they mean.


2 thoughts on “BCM112 Week 6

  1. OMG i loved this blog! I love reading your blog every week – I just find that the content you produce is always so good and easy to read. You could have even mentioned in your blog the fact that Hillary Clinton had hired people to create memes for propaganda use – I believe that she hired 100 people to create memes and spread them like wildfire on the internet – it kinda failed because well with a country as large as america – 100 people wouldn’t really equal to much. All in all this was such a good read – perhaps including more links would be good for the blog!


  2. Hey Zoe! The content in this blog is exceptional and you have added a lot of detail to your work. This was an enjoyable blog to read. The inclusion of the video is a great source for your readers to view. It is good that you have placed it above, although people may want to watch it after they’ve read your blog just so they don’t become uninterested. Other than that, this was a great blog!


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