BCM112 Week 5

6PvGUC2.pngInformation Inflation

Convergence of the media is a great thing. Until it’s not. 

Inflation is often used to describe the cost of goods and decreased value of the dollar. However in this sense, I am talking about the inflation of information by mass media. Social media has allowed users to become active participants in the distribution of information. This may sound good to some people because that means we are getting many different opinions instead of just one, right? WRONG.

Convergence is the idea of merging information outlets and sources. The media has experience convergence more and more over the years as mass media enables anyone to produce content of any sort.

There comes a point where there is too much convergence between the audience and distributors. Because anyone can produce information, ultimately information has experienced inflation. The value of information decreases as more is produced. It’s hard to distinguish what to believe anymore. Credibility has become harder to spot for readers, so they end up believing everything.


Fake news is everywhere.


As readers, we need to be aware of the information crisis and do our best to not enable this vicious cycle.


9 thoughts on “BCM112 Week 5

  1. I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Audiences (who can create as easily as they consumer) demand more information, in more forms and with more interactivity. In this process, ethical checks and balances aren’t always adhered to and fake news can create credibility concerns.

    But I think perhaps you’re bypassing the possibilities for improvement. In many cases, sources that are considered credible (in that they’re considered official news organisations) – Fairfax publications, WIN, Sky News, Fox etc – produce unethical, inaccurate or prejudiced stories and curated publications. In this case, more voices, with fewer professional obligations (advertising, editorial choices) from diverse backgrounds, with greater access to information is certainly a good thing.

    Perhaps a portion of that content and sharing will be repetitive or inaccurate, but the sheer amount of perspectives and information sources can indeed produce a collective intelligence. See John Stuart Mills’ ‘On Liberty’ and the marketplace of ideas – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marketplace_of_ideas

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    1. I definitely agree. I should probably elaborate more on how this can all be a good thing. Thank you for the input, I will try to edit and add that to my blog if you don’t mind. Thank you 🙂


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  4. Hi Zoe, I enjoyed reading your views on this very controversial topic, you have raised a lot of interesting questions about the credibility of sources and what’s real and what’s not, brought on by the need and demand for constant information. This is something I may not always think about when reading information off the internet and you have brought more awareness towards the fake news propoganda for me. I think in many ways convergence can be seen as a positive thing as it allows for technology and the way we interact with others and our society evolve and has created many capabilities that positively impact the lives of many. With the good also comes the bad, which as you pointed out is fake news. But is there any positives that comes out of the fake news propaganda? This is an interesting article on a different stance on the topic to think about https://medium.com/@rdavidmullins/why-fake-news-is-a-good-thing-b35a3ba3834b. Overall, a really informative and clear post, and good use of images.


  5. I unquestionably agree where you’re becoming from.

    Firstly, love your blog design. Love the pink.

    This is a great blog with a lot of information. I agree with you how our generation surround by fake news and me for one is guilty reading them. I use Facebook to get news as well as television networks.

    For more suggestions, use more mediums meaning for an instant youtube video or Soundcloud rather than two memes. It is easier to get audiences attention.


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