BCM112 Week 1 and 2

pPceCsd - Imgur

As you may already know, I am an exchange student from the United States. Classes have just begun in Australia and I am assigned to make a digital artifact. What is a digital artifact exactly? Well the best way I can describe it, is that it’s some sort of online presence. I am supposed to cultivate an online presence by creating something original for the internet world.

Originally I was thinking of making videos about being in Australia, and then I thought about making videos about studying abroad in general but the more I tried to complicate this idea the harder it got.

In class, my professor Ted kept reiterating that simplicity is key. That’s when it struck me.

GyP5d6Z - Imgur

I will make a new finsta (aka ‘food insta’) for Wollongong. I have one currently running for Kansas, where I attend school. I am an avid food eater and I dabble in photography for fun. So what a better combination than those two things?!

Well I did my research and it looks like Wollongong only has a few food Instagram accounts so I take this as a perfect opportunity. I will be able to show locals my best foodie finds in their city, as well as show my American friends and family what the food culture is like down under.

Although I have basically decided on my artifact, I have a running list of ideas (listed below) incase more come to me.


Ideas for digital artifact:

Wollongong101: facts and quick tips
Food insta for Wollongong
Study abroad 101
RggZYAy - Imgur


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